Quantifying intangibles

Value Systems are the principal “intangible,” underlying drivers of all behaviour – and nothing is more important than defining and aligning Value Systems.
In fact, Brands and Organizations and Cultures are, quite literally, “value systems.”
And as individuals, our lives and destinies are shaped and defined by our value systems.

Qi Value Systems Inc. is a strategic research consultancy that quantifies the intangible and the tangible drivers of success, enabling decision makers to realize their corporate and individual goals.

The focus of Qi’s business is in 3 areas:


Qi will design, manage, or conduct your market research to help you understand what is really happening, and what is driving your business. Enabling you to predict what is going to happen, and helping you decide what to do to become more authentic, successful and profitable.
Qi helps you design brilliant research and interpret its findings.
And you can’t do this if you only evaluate claimed, rational drivers.
•    Qi reports and presentations transform data into information, and information into   exciting / unconventional / luminous / incandescent insights and inspiring “stories.”


Qi works with you to innovate, to evolve dazzling new products, to develop powerful marketing and communications strategies – verbal and non-verbal.

We have the experience, the knowledge, and the proven tools and techniques to help you think inside and outside the box.
And you can’t do this unless you really understand the emotional embedding and connotations of your brand, and your customers’ underlying value systems.
•    Qi recommendations inspire you to become radical innovators – shape new products, define creative executions, and change the rules of the game.


Qi helps decision makers and leaders discover the value of values, embrace change, and apply the profound insights of emotional science to Brand building and Personal leadership development.

And you can’t do this unless you have articulated what you and your stakeholders really value, and really stand for.

•    We help you discover and get alignment on what to do, and then we help you make it happen.

We do all this through our ability to:

•    Quantify and map intangibles – including sentiment, feelings, image and personality, needs and values, symbols, archetypes and imagery.
•    eValuate and predict the impact of tangibles and intangibles on brand value and corporate equity and image.

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 About how we could improve our research?

 About how we could amplify our power to innovate?

 About how we could inspire change in our organization?

 About how you could support me as an individual to reach my true? leadership potential?