Qi Value Systems Inc.

The first part of our name, “Qi” is pronounced ‘Queue Eye’ – (not Chi)
The name sounds a little unusual, perhaps even mysterious. It was chosen because of its many associations and meanings: First and foremost, Q.I. stands for “Quantifying Intangibles” – measuring, and manifesting the invisible, underlying drivers of human behaviour.

Secondly, Qi, in oriental culture, is the invisible active principle intrinsic to all living things. Qi is frequently translated as “natural energy”, “life force”, “life energy”, “life stream”, or “energy flow”.

Qi is also reminiscent of IQ – and is also “quite interesting”. Qi is evocative of many other qualities beginning with the letters Q and I.

Q= i =
Questioning, Questions
Quality, Qualified
Quale (Quale is defined as the
“suchness” or “sort” of something,
its quality or its associated feeling,
regarded as an independent object or thing.
Q’s (=Cues).
Intangible, Invisible
Innate, Intrinsic,
Information, Insight, Intelligence
Imagination, Intuition
Innovation, Invention, Ideas
Impact, Implement, Instructions
Independent, Individual
Interpretation, Interpreter

The second part of our name is “Value Systems.” To begin to understand Value systems we need to ask the fundamental questions: What are Values and how and why are they important?