Compared with our competitors – “who or what are we?”

We are a very different consulting company. All our recommendations are squarely based on research. All our research takes into account underlying values, emotions and perceptions.

In a world overwhelmed by “the superstition of materialism” we are a company that understands the power and importance of unconscious drivers, of emotions and of values, and we can demonstrate and evaluate – (give a cash value to) – the influence of intangibles.

In a marketplace where too much research still tends to be very left brained, i.e. taking at face value what respondents say, we are also right brained, or more accurately “whole-brained.”

In an industry where the balance between science and imagination has been lost, we are researchers as well as radical and disruptive innovators.
We do this through our ability to quantify and map rational/tangible as well as eRational/intangible drivers like sentiment, feelings, image and personality, needs and values, symbols, archetypes and imagery. We help our client’s optimize their brand’s equity and trajectory.

Qi is different. We quantify and map intangibles and tangibles, e-rational and rational drivers, positive and negative, which enables our clients to radically redefine their future and become more authentic, healthier, more successful and profitable.



How are we different from other consulting firms?

We are set apart by our understanding of the power and value of Value Systems.

We believe in the relevance of tangibles and of intangibles, in rational drivers and in “e”rational drivers like emotions, image and personality attributes, needs and values. We are able to “e”valuate and quantify intangibles and demonstrate their value as assets on a balance sheet.

Qi Value Systems is simultaneously left and right brained, scientific and intuitive, System 1 and System 2, hardheaded and tenderhearted, serious and cool: