Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

“A vision is simultaneously aspirational and inspirational, it defines what a company intends to become”
Our vision is to build a successful research consulting practice based on a profound understanding of value systems as the fundamental drivers of success. We aim to be pioneers and leaders in the alignment of brand, individual and organizational Value systems to create authenticity, balance, success and growth.

Our Mission

“A mission describes what a company does, for whom and to what end”

Our mission is to deliver Insight, Innovation and Inspiration using proprietary tools and technology, to corporate decision makers and to individual leaders enabling them to achieve authenticity, balance, success and growth.

Our Values

Values are your centrally-held, enduring beliefs which will guide your actions and judgments across specific situations and beyond immediate goals to more ultimate end-states of existence.

Qi is a company built on Values. We understand that it is our shared values that hold us together, and that will ultimately guide us to success.  We value innovation, we are open to change, we challenge the status quo, and we strive to articulate “new rules” of insight, innovation and inspiration.

We take pride in the quality and accuracy of our work.  We strive to maintain the highest moral and ethical standards. We value science, knowledge, learning and competence.
We value and respect all people. We treat our colleagues and clients well, and strive to create a happy workplace and a spirit of cooperation and communication. We reward our people for initiative, insight, innovation, performance and achievement.

We value our clients. We strive to create mutual loyalty, by providing excellent customer service, and by producing meaningful research insight that reveals the significance and influence of intangible as well as rational drivers and that inspire change and innovation. This results in our clients making decisions that will grow their business and create the best possible future for their brands and for themselves.

We see ourselves as part of a broader community; we contribute to the growth and health of the research industry, and of the broader business community and to society as a whole.
We believe that if we stay focused and get this right, success and profit will be our reward, and we will ensure that our shareholders and our staff are beneficiaries of this success.

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